Kajsa Vala

Discover the unique Americana/Scandinavian sound of Kajsa Vala, a Danish singer-songwriter who has mastered a genre rarely achieved by non-Americans. Drawing on her Icelandic and Danish roots, Vala is an exceptional songwriter, soulful vocalist, and skilled guitarist, with a closely-knit 6-person orchestra for a truly immersive experience.

Videos with Kajsa Vala

Kajsa Vala - Twilight
Kajsa Vala · Live Session · 4 min.
Kajsa Vala | soundmade. session
Kajsa Vala · Soundmade Session · 26 min.
Kajsa Vala - Silver Lining, live fra One Punch
Kajsa Vala · Soundmade Session · 4 min.

Kajsa Vala: Mastering Americana with a Unique Scandinavian Twist.

Kajsa Vala has made a name for herself in the Danish music scene as one of the few who truly masters the Americana genre, which is otherwise rarely achieved by non-Americans.

With an Icelandic mother and a Danish father, Kajsa Vala also draws on her Scandinavian roots. However, she has lived and worked as a songwriter in Nashville, and the combination of Scandinavian and American influences are the roots of Kajsa's unique Americana/Scandinavian sound.

Kajsa Vala is an excellent songwriter, a soulful vocalist, and a female guitarist who truly masters her instrument, from acoustic and dobro to a strong, heavy electric guitar.

Experience Kajsa Vala in her true element with her closely-knit 6-person orchestra where the vibe and the harmonies are in the center.