About Soundmade

Soundmade is your new backstage pass to a world of visual music experiences. It's an online-based platform for music lovers and fans, as well as professional artists, where you get all access to LIVE concerts, behind the scenes, documentaries, and eventually broadcasting of festivals and much more!

Our vision is to be music's time capsule, where we gather music experiences from all over the world for you to enjoy again and again, whether it's on the couch or at a backyard party, you'll get a close-up experience that you wouldn't be able to get LIVE among thousands of spectators.

Soundmade is a Danish company, created by Paw Ager, who has over 10 years of experience capturing music in visual formats. The idea arose during Covid-19 as the inspiration to create a music universe for all those who couldn't come out to the music themselves. An opportunity for music to come right into your living room, and for artists to have the chance to give a unique intimate concert and share their universe with you as a viewer, in an unprecedented way.

Soundmade started in the spring of 2021 and is therefore still in the startup phase, where we have been blown away by all the support and love from those who support us. Thank you for expressing your great love for music and giving us a reason to continue.


Soundmade's creator Paw Ager has a great love for the industry and therefore wants to take music experiences and the artists' potential to new heights. Soundmade is created to give artists a platform to freely express their talents, stories and enrich the whole world with their universe. At the same time, Soundmade is a new source of income where 30% of the income from subscribers goes directly to the artists (and the people behind them) who have content on Soundmade.

If you are an artist/management and want to hear more, you are welcome to contact us at info@soundmade.com