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Personal information:

Soundmade ApS reserves the right to close access to the website if the entered personal information is obviously false.

Copyright/Usage Agreement:

The purchase of access is solely intended for you personally and may only be used by you and your household. Any form of commercial purpose is not allowed, nor is it allowed to make any form of dissemination of your access information or the files you can download. It is also not allowed for you or a third party to circumvent or attempt to circumvent any security measures. If you wish to quote any of the purchased material, this must be done in a correct academic manner. As a customer, it is your responsibility that the purchased material is not disclosed by a third party.

The purchase of an online product on Soundmade includes 1 license and the material may not be distributed in any way.

All online products are subject to copyright law. They are written, laid out, produced, and distributed by Soundmade. You are welcome to use the online products for personal use, i.e. you may listen/watch them privately, but you may not – either free of charge or for a fee, share, copy, lend, publish, sell, or in any other way disclose Soundmade's online products.

It is also not allowed to use the online products for teaching without prior permission.

Sale and Delivery:

Delivery of online material usually takes place within a few minutes. Delivery is done by granting you access to the protected member area. Reservation is made for technical failures, which may result in temporary inaccessible access to the member area.


You always have a 14-day full right of cancellation. Contact our support at info@soundmade.com if you wish to use this right of cancellation.

Subscription Agreement:

For subscriptions, the subscription price as stated on the product page will automatically be deducted for each subscription period. The receipt for the deduction will be sent by email.

You will receive an email confirming your subscription after the subscription has been made.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and cancelling the subscription yourself. After cancellation, no further invoicing or deduction will take place. A cancellation will take effect at the end of the current payment period in which the cancellation takes place.

If you wish to renew your card number, this is done by logging into your profile.

We reserve the right to close access to soundmade.io and without notice in case of inappropriate behavior, e.g. in discussion forums.


All rights belong to Soundmade ApS. By purchasing, you only obtain a license to use the purchased product as indicated under the relevant product.

It is generally possible and allowed to watch, listen, and download (when this is possible) as often as desired as long as you have an active subscription.