Peter Honoré

Peter Honoré, also known as Danish Pete, is a renowned guitarist from Denmark. He is a successful session musician who has toured with many famous artists and is now an award-winning YouTube presenter. Pete's focus is on inspiring people to play the guitar through masterclasses, videos, and backing tracks.

Videos with Peter Honoré

Danish Pete's PRS Paul's Guitar
Peter Honoré · Why My Guitar · 8 min.
Danish Pete's Puple Fender Telecaster 2013
Peter Honoré · Why My Guitar · 13 min.
Peter Honoré's Fender Stratocaster 2004
Peter Honoré · Why My Guitar · 6 min.
Peter Honoré's Gibson Les Paul Standard Murphy Lab 58’ True Historic
Peter Honoré · Why My Guitar · 8 min.
Peter Honoré's Fender Stratocaster 1964
Peter Honoré · Why My Guitar · 5 min.

Peter Honoré aka. Danish Pete

Peter Honoré, widely known as 'Danish Pete,' was born in Denmark and introduced to a guitar at 11. It was evident from the start that he possessed a natural talent, which he honed with the help of music lessons from a music academy in Copenhagen.

Over the years, Pete's skills as a session guitarist earned him worldwide recognition. He traveled to several parts of the globe, playing for renowned artists such as Tom Jones, Lionel Richie, and Nicole Scherzinger. His musical expertise and professionalism earned him a reputation as a highly sought-after session musician.

In 2015, Pete joined Andertons Music Company as their Youtube Manager, and his impact was almost immediate. With his assistance, the channel's subscribers grew exponentially, reaching over 620,000 subscribers in just a few years. As one of the faces of the Andertons' brand, Pete has become an award-winning Youtube presenter, sharing his musical knowledge and expertise with the world.

His primary objective is to inspire individuals to pick up and play the guitar. To achieve this, Pete creates masterclasses, Youtube videos, and backing tracks, all aimed at helping aspiring musicians improve their guitar-playing skills. Through his content, he encourages people to embrace the joys of playing music, whether it's as a hobby or a career.

Pete's success as a musician and content creator is an inspiration to many, especially aspiring musicians. He has shown that anyone can succeed in the music industry with dedication, hard work, and talent. His passion for music is infectious, and he hopes to inspire more people to discover the joys of playing the guitar.

Now Andertons YouTube has over 800.000 subscribers, and Danish Pete's channel is soon reaching 100.000 subscribers.