Mattis, a towering 6’8″ former punk rocker, is a singer, songwriter, and music producer known in Copenhagen’s underground art scene. He traded his leather jacket for a more soulful sound, showcased by his deep vibrato voice. He debuted in 2017 with the critically acclaimed ‘Loverboy’ and soon Mattis was one of the most talked about new Danish artists hitting sites like Wonderland, DIY and The Huffington Post.

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“On The Other Side” reveals new facets of a well-known, deep and intimate voice in Danish music. Mattis’ new album offers both organic folk-pop, grandiose rock, a beautiful musical collaboration with pianist Jacob David, and a banging Prince cover.


With the release of “On The Other Side,” the Danish singer and songwriter ventures down new lyrical and musical paths. With a desire to live out his full, authentic self, he has written a collection of songs that, with a mature, organic expression, speak to who he once was, who he is today, and who he wants to be.


“You can try to live in the past. And I did that myself for far too long. But even if you could go back, you’re a different person now than you were before,” Mattis said when the album’s first single, “You Can Never Go Back,” was released in the fall of 2022. For Mattis, becoming a father a year ago was a significant event that radically changed his outlook on life:


“I have learned from my daughter that you have to live in the present. She’s already crawling, and before I know it, she’ll be moving out. My focus in life has completely changed, and I don’t want to miss a single moment with her,” says Mattis Jacobsen, his given name.


“On The Other Side” offers a personal glimpse into the life and emotions of the towering musician, who took his first musical steps as a young punk rocker in Copenhagen’s underground scene. Standing at 208 centimeters tall, he stood out in the spotlight on stage, a spotlight he truly occupied with his breakthrough hit, “Loverboy.”


Mattis quickly became known for his electronic soul and his deep, intimate vocals. His voice is still intact, but unlike before, the new songs were created in the studio with a five-member band. Along with producer Karl-Frederik Reichhardt, Mattis has crafted an album that showcases several different facets of the songwriter behind it.


“1986” flexes its grandiose rock muscles, while the title track takes on a much more intimate tone, with a collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Danish pianist Jacob David. And then, childhood hero Prince is given a loving treatment with a unique version of the monster hit “Kiss” from Mattis’ birth year.


“With these songs, I wanted to unleash completely new sides of myself. The result is an album that reflects the person I am here and now. As for where I am on the other side, time will tell,” he says.

MATTIS, portrait. Soundmade. Per Lange

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